Three Mirrors


As a child,

feet stomping on puddles,

frolicking in river streams,

dancing in living rooms,

Saw myself in mirrors

with quick glances,

completely indifferent

to how I looked.

Adolescence was a summons

to beauty ,

long hours spent in  front of the mirror

getting ready for outings,

wondering if those that took quick glances my way

thought me deplorable or beautiful.

wondering if those quiet whispers in the hall as I pass by

where about me,

wondering if they saw the beauty within me.

Now in my forties,

with those seasons of my life faded and gone,

I have found a harmonized view of how I look

and how I am perceived.

A few wrinkles,

a sprinkling of grey in my hair,

new challenges to face every week,

doesn’t distract me from the beauty that is around me.

My main concern now is cultivating the beauty within.

And yet, some days those adolescent fears burden me again.

Other days I still have that same childhood indifference I had before.

I wonder what today will bring.


Photo Credit : Isabel Amaya (me)









Prompted by:

Word of the Day Challenge: Deplorable

Daily Writing Challenge: 3TC: three, mirrors, summons , WATA: top photo

FOWC: challenge

Weekly Tanka Prompt Poetry Challenge: seasons, harmonized  (free verse poetry accepted )

Ragtime Daily Prompt (RDP) : week


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