She was an enchantress

or so public opinion would have you believe.

There was no flag outside her door saying who she was.

Yet, people believe what they want to believe.

Those that knew her well, know

She was , in fact, a loner, an artist, a writer, and an empath.

Someone who was sensitive and kind, but intolerant of rudeness and hate .

She can be found in the early mornings doing yoga and meditating.

In the afternoons she can be seen singing as she does her chores.

And on nights where there is a full moon,

she can be found dancing under the glow of the moonlit stars,

completely enchanted with her life and the wilderness that surrounds her .

photo prompt for WATA Daily Writing Challenge


Prompted by:

Daily Writing Challenge: WATA : photo above

Daily Word Prompt: enchant

FOWC : public

RDP : flag

Inspired by:

“Lost Stars” – Adam Levine : a song written for the movie, Begin Again



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