The Chase

photo prompt for Manic Monday


A feeling of being chased

by an unknown opponent,

a stranger in the shadows,

haunts her dreams

and fills her heart with dread.

photo prompt for Thursday Photo Fiction



The nightmare continues

She runs,

hoping to find a friend to lean on

but no one is there.

She runs through hallways,

runs through forest trails,

but can find no one to help her.

She is all alone.



She wakes,


wanting a friend to lean on

and tell her all will be well

but she is all alone.

So she imagines a helping hand

holding hers,

as she waits for the sun to rise.



prompt for WATA



prompted by:

Manic Monday :top  photo

ragtale daily prompts : friend

Daily Writing Challenge: WATA : bottom photo

FOWC: opponent

Thursday Photo Fiction : middle photo

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