Maybe it was genetic or maybe it was a curse given to an ancestor and passed down generation after generation . But he , like his father, could see things “abstractly” as his Dad would say. Like seeing things upside down in a crystal ball, he could see thru emotions and lies. But he saw things he didn’t want to see. The game of life did not come easy to him. Until one Friday night, when he chose to see it as a gift, to see life as a gift. After that night the world seemed different, more colorful and  glorious, and he was at peace.






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Walking down the trail

Walking down the trail,

on a cloudy day,

with a gentle wind as her companion,

grateful for her moments of solitude in nature,

and grateful for this day,

she reminisces on her youth.


Then smiles at the memory of her free-spirited self

sharing a laugh with  good friends

around a campfire.


Wonders when her little one will loose her desire

to have tantrums a few times a week,

and what kind of woman she will grow up to be.


Then her thoughts wander to her own future.

What will it be like?

Will it continue to be like this hiking trail, with all its curves and hills?

Or will it be nice and smooth like a walk on a sandy beach?

Or maybe a little of both?

Either way she knows all will be well.






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A Brooding Sunflower

As summer turns to Autumn,

and Autumn turns to Winter,

snow covers the sun flowers in my garden,

glistening in the sunlight.

I watch from my kitchen window,

with brooding eyes,

the world turning white with snow.

Memories of summer days spent

lounging on my patio ,

swimming, and

grilling with friends

Come to the surface.

I lay in waiting for the snow to melt,

for the snow storm to pass,

to not feel trapped in my own home,

to be able to open my front door,

and explore the world once again.

Lay in waiting for the storms of my mind to pass,

to not feel trapped in my life,

to be able to open my front door,

and explore the world once again.



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