Friday Fictioneers: The Gift

Charles woke up at dawn, thinking “I have to do something .Do better. Be… something.”

He packed up his truck and got his kids. Then they went about making a “she shed” for his wife. It included a shelf of sea shells from their last holiday. When she got home from delivering their baby she was happy and surprised to see it.

Later that year, he was the one that was surprised when she told him the wonderful news. They were having their seventh child. The next day he gave his wife the best present of all, a vasectomy.

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


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Friday Fictioneers: photo prompt

Ragtime Daily prompts: truck


Friday Fictioneers: Ms. Grape

“Ms. Grape. I think that’s what I’d call you. You’ve been with me for over twenty years so I might as well give you a name.” Denise said as she glanced thoughtfully at her reflection in the silver vase.

“I know you’re to blame for my dizzy spells, migraines, forgetfulness and so forth. But I do thank you because you have taught me courage, patience, and hope.”

Then she heard a giggle.

“Sorry. Ms. Grape? Are you sure that’s a good name for a benign brain cyst?” her brother asked.

Smiling, she replied “It’s the perfect name for it.”

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PHOTO PROMPT © Yvette Prior


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Friday Fictioneers: photo prompt (shown above)

The adoption

In the lost city

Monkeys greet a fragile child

While heartbeats thunder.

the sole survivor

smiles at them with hope, love

and hugs one tightly.

Her new care giver

Charges no fee, just loves her

without a reason.


Prompted by:

Ronovan Writes weekly haiku poetry challenge #202 : fragile, heartbeat. (Week of May 21, 2018) Just for fun

Ronovan Writes weekly haiku poetry challenge #219: charge, reason (This week’s challenge)


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