A Brooding Sunflower

As summer turns to Autumn,

and Autumn turns to Winter,

snow covers the sun flowers in my garden,

glistening in the sunlight.

I watch from my kitchen window,

with brooding eyes,

the world turning white with snow.

Memories of summer days spent

lounging on my patio ,

swimming, and

grilling with friends

Come to the surface.

I lay in waiting for the snow to melt,

for the snow storm to pass,

to not feel trapped in my own home,

to be able to open my front door,

and explore the world once again.

Lay in waiting for the storms of my mind to pass,

to not feel trapped in my life,

to be able to open my front door,

and explore the world once again.



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Heavy Shadows

hidden truths,

hidden secrets,

a burden on my soul.

heavy shadows,

coals in a Christmas stocking

buried in the corners

of my subconscious.

heavy shadows,

hidden truths,

hidden secrets,

left unopened,

left buried,

left unspoken.

Video Credit: ( from you tube) A video with the song and lyrics to

Hiding my Heart by Adele from her album, 21.


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Photo Credit: John Brand



it’s barren,

a desert landscape,

bones scattered.



It’s lush and green,

Sunset beaches,

Horses galloping.




It’s an ominous shadow

Lurking in the hallway,

creeping up the stairs.



She never knows where her

Imagination will lead her,

Until her pen

hits the blank page

And she starts to write.


Photo by Sue Vincent


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I turn left,

turn left,

turn left

once more.


Ready for a comeback.

Ready to start anew.


But I continue to turn left,

turn left,

turn left,

once more.

Going around and around

in circles

in my mind.

Hoping to exit right.

Praying for a miracle

but the journey continues .


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Ragtime Daily Prompts: comeback

Fandango’s FOWC: traffic

D’verse pub’s Poetic Tuesday: journey