Maybe it was genetic or maybe it was a curse given to an ancestor and passed down generation after generation . But he , like his father, could see things “abstractly” as his Dad would say. Like seeing things upside down in a crystal ball, he could see thru emotions and lies. But he saw things he didn’t want to see. The game of life did not come easy to him. Until one Friday night, when he chose to see it as a gift, to see life as a gift. After that night the world seemed different, more colorful and  glorious, and he was at peace.






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Friday Fictioneers: bottom above, by Jeff Arnold

fandango’s fowc : abstract

The adoption

In the lost city

Monkeys greet a fragile child

While heartbeats thunder.

the sole survivor

smiles at them with hope, love

and hugs one tightly.

Her new care giver

Charges no fee, just loves her

without a reason.


Prompted by:

Ronovan Writes weekly haiku poetry challenge #202 : fragile, heartbeat. (Week of May 21, 2018) Just for fun

Ronovan Writes weekly haiku poetry challenge #219: charge, reason (This week’s challenge)


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