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About my blog

My creative writing blog, In the Silence of the Day,  will consist of poetry and short stories I have written, photos I have taken, and images that have inspired me along with a bit of music.  I do love writing prompts so many of my posts will be in response to them.

Hope you enjoy the blog.



About my writing

          There is a freedom in writing, a certain mystery, that has always entranced me. The stories, daydreams, and poems swirling around in my head brought to light with a stroke of a pen have their own aura, made alive once again, made anew once again, each time it is read. It is something that happens to all writers. A poem or a story may be written to express a certain view point yet the reader sees something in that writing the author never expected or aspired to show. It is always a joy for me to see all the different ways my writing is interpreted.

           The process of writing, although frustrating and cumbersome at times, is an adventure I choose to go on time and time again. I make up stories and then write poems in the voice of the fictional characters that are apart of the story I created. I write poems created to express my deepest thoughts, prayers, and longings. Sometimes I hear a story and write a poem as if I was the character in the story. Other times, I see or meet an interesting person walking down the street or in a cafe and write as if I was him or her.

           I write to express the artist within me. I write to make sense of all that is around me. I write for writing’s sake. Some choose to believe that a poem written from the perspective of a fictional character is my own, or a poem written expressing my thoughts is that of a fictional character but each poem written, no matter how it is perceived, has a story between the lines. Each poem is my personal lesson on the process of writing because no matter how much I have hesitated on the usage of diction, or have struggled with my grammar and spelling, or have elated in its conception there are always areas I can improve on and new levels of writing I aspire to achieve.

             I am learning to write better, to express my thoughts clearer, to be a better poet , story teller, and author with each stroke of the pen. The process of writing is a constant adventure that is well worth the persistence and hard work and so I keep on writing, writing so that we may all be heard, writing for the sheer joy it brings to my heart.

Thank you for visiting!,

                                                                                                                                          Isabel Amaya

About me

Graduated from Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga in 2001. Live in Tucker, GA with my dog, “Azu”. When not writing, I enjoy weaving on my floor loom. Also love to hike, read, listen to live music, go on road trips and dance.

If there is anything you want to ask me, just post your question in the comments section below and I will try my best to answer it.



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